Prof. Vladimir Khovaylo


National University of Science and Technology, Russia


Nowadays, the family of Heusler alloys consists of more than 1000 members and enjoys rapidly growing attention due to a number of exceptional properties of fundamental and practical interest they exhibit. The diversity of effects observed in Heusler alloys makes it difficult to gather scientists interested in recent developments in this exceptional class of materials.
The aim of the 1st Heusler Alloys Research Forum is to offer a platform for the exchange of ideas and expertise between researchers beyond their disciplinary boundaries.
The Forum welcomes participation from scientific and engineering communities interested in theoretical, experimental and technological research and development of Heusler alloys and related compounds. The main topics of the Forum include (but not limited to): crystal, magnetic and electronic structures of Heusler alloys; thermoelectric Heusler alloys; Heusler alloys with exotic magnetic properties; multifunctional Heusler alloys; Heusler-based shape memory alloys; design of novel Heusler alloys, etc.