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2020 11th International Conference on Material and Manufacturing Technology (ICMMT 2020)

Bangkok, Thailand (Full Virtual Style) | April 24-26, 2020

In ICMMT 2020 conference, considering the COVID-19 outbreak in the worldwide and the pervasive travel restrictions, ICMMT 2020 organizing committees decided to hold it in full virtual style, after a careful consideration. Although due to the epidemic, participants cannot meet in Bangkok in the site. Full virtual style also provided a online platform for them to communicate.
In the ICMMT 2020 conference, several speakers delived the keynote speeches, respectively, as follows.

The photos shows as follows, from left to right:

Speaker I: Prof. Shoufeng Yang, University of Southampton, UK

Speech Title: Enabling Powder Bed based Multi-Materials Additive Manufacturing Using Dry Powder Micro Dispensing Technology

Speaker II: Prof. Lin Zhang, Beihang University, China

Speech Title: Customized Design and Production with 3D Printers in Cloud Manufacturing

Speaker III: Prof. Vladimir Khovaylo, National University of Science and Technology, Russia

Speech Title: Gadolinium Solid Solution as Perspective Materials for Magnetocaloric Refrigeration

Speaker IV: Prof. Quang-Cherng Hsu, National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Speech Title: Study on Bonding Phenomena and Formability of Alloy Materials by Molecular Dynamics Simulation

Afterwards, presenters made their presentations, respectively.

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Best Presentation Awards

Presenter: Janis Stefan Kimm, Ruhr-Universitat Bochum, Germany
Presentation Title: Subsurface microstructure evolution and residual stress in 42Crmo4 steel after single-pass pendulum tests

Presenter: Francis Darwin T. Eugenio, University of the Philippines, Philippines
Presentation Title: Waste Plastic Sachet as Alternative Anti-Corrosion Filler for Iron Oxide in Resin Coatings

Conference Publication

Key Engineering Materials (Vol. 877)

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